Some Powerful Heroes Of Mobile Legends Game

Mobile Legends Heroes

Some Powerful Heroes Of Mobile Legends Game



Akai Panda Warrior:

He is a strong tank that can be perfectly used for causing heavy damage. His Brute Force ability can add 2% of maximum HP to physical attack. Meat Tank is his ultimate ability. It costs 60 Mana and takes 35s to cooldown. With this ability, he becomes a ball in 4s and begins attacking the enemies. To make him work at his full capacity, ensure that you satisfy his endless appetite.

Franco Frozen Warrior:

Franco is a decent tank, which can be used effectively against minions and tower damage. When in escape mode, make use of his Wasteland Force ability. It will increase the movement speed by 10% and HP will regain by 0.5% per second. His ultimate ability is the Brutal Massacre, which can suppress an enemy unit, disable it, and deal 70 physical damage per hit.

Fanny Hovering Blade:

She is a great assassin type and can cause amazing damage to the enemies. With her Cut Throat ability, she can initiate an attack on the opponent. The powerful attack can deal 500 physical damage and if the attack hits an opponent that has a Prey marker, then the damage caused will enhance by 20% per layer. No wonder she is called as the Blade of Freedom due to her powerful and amazing abilities!

Natalia Bright Claw:

She is a great assassin, who can cause a lot of damage to the opponents. Her Claw Dash ability costs 40 Mana and takes 9s to cooldown. With this ability, she can dash forward and deal 250 physical damage to enemies. If you desire, then this ability can be casted twice. The Cold-Blooded Strangling is her ultimate ability that can make multiple forward attacks with each dealing 60 physical damage. Moreover, it will even reduce the movement speed of enemies by 65%.

Alice Queen Of The Apocalypse:

She has basic stats and is an average Mage type. It is better to group her with someone for using against heroes. With her flowing blood ability, she can fire a globule of blood in a specific direction, dealing 260 points of magic damage to the opponent. The ability will cost 90 Mana and requires 6s to cooldown. The Blood Ode is her ultimate ability that costs 135 Mana and requires 40s cooldown. With this ability, she will be able to drink blood for 4s, dealing 80 pts of magic damage to nearby opponents every 0.5s and retrieving 50% of damage as HP for herself.


When you begin playing Mobile Legends game, your first Hero is going to be Layla as she is the default Hero. She belongs to the Marksman Class. You should use her for attacking turrets and destroying enemies while fighting in close quarters.  Most of her abilities are long ranged, so they can cause decent damage to the opponents. You should use her Destruction Rush ability when you want to cause heavy damage. As she is the first Hero, gamers usually do not give much credit to her for her amazing skills, which is a wrong attitude. She is definitely worth a play!

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