Mobile Legends Guide On Innumerable Currencies

Mobile Legends Guide On Innumerable Currencies


Coins are one of the main currencies of Mobile Legends game that are required for buying items like shield, power-ups, etc. They are even used for upgrading several items.  You should spend Coins carefully as earning them is not easy. You can earn Coins by participating in battles and killing opponents. The amount of Coins that you earn by grinding in the game is limited. The easiest way to earn them in huge amounts is by making use of hacks.


Tickets are special in-game currency that can be acquired in the game by playing jigsaw contests. The only way to use them is by redeeming for some premium items from the game shop. There isn’t any other way to procure these special items. If you are unable to earn Tickets easily then you can consider using hacks. Tickets can even be used for buying emblem packs. These packs are filled with random emblems, which are required for unlocking Level 60 in Emblems.

Battle Points:

In the beginning of the game, you will be provided with fixed amount of Battle Points. These can be used for buying your first Hero in the game so that you can start playing. As you keep progressing, you will be able to earn them in good quantities. When you reach new levels of the game, you will be rewarded with Battle Points. By destroying plenty of opponents in the battle and defending your team well, will make you earn these currencies.

You should play all matches as you can earn Battle Points by winning or losing a match in the battlefield. Moreover, if your team wins in the battlefield then you will earn large amounts of Battle Points. Another way to earn them is by completing various missions and quests. Similar to Tickets, you can redeem Battle Points in the game shop for buying heroes.

There are several Heroes available for sale in the game shop. You should check each Hero’s strengths and weaknesses before buying them. As the amount of Battle Points is limited, you should spend them wisely. Try to acquire several Heroes that are inexpensive rather than buying a single expensive Hero. More number of Heroes in your gaming account will lead to several rewards and achievements. By unlocking and completing achievements, you can further earn numerous rewards in form of in-game currency.


Diamonds are premium currency, which are required for buying special heroes, skins, and gears. You can earn Diamonds by winning arena contests, winning successive battles, and completing tricky achievements. Diamonds can be used for buying each and every item from the game shop.

After earning Diamonds, it is recommended to hoard them instead of spending carelessly. This is because; there are certain items that can be bought only with Diamonds. So, it is advisable to buy only those special items with Diamonds as the other items can be purchased with Coins and Battle Points. If you are in need of some Diamonds then you can obtain them with real world money. Or, a better option is to use Mobile Legends Cheats for generating them in huge amounts instantly.

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