Mobile Legends Battle Spell Guide

Mobile Legends Spells

Mobile Legends Battle Spell Guide

Mobile Legends is an interesting online game where you will come across innumerable battle spells that can be selected for your gaming character. Ensure that you select the battle spells carefully so that it complements your playable character. For instance, Stun battle spell is useful for Fighter or Marksman whereas the Weaken battle spell is perfect for Mage. To make this simpler, listed below are some wonderful battle spells and their usage that you can utilize in Mobile Legends game:

  • Healing Spell: It is useful for Support or Tank as it can regain 10% HP for your gaming character as well as your neighboring team members. Moreover, if the healing spell is received only by one hero then its effect will enhance to 50%.
  • Fury Spell: It is useful for Marksman and will be required in Level 5. This spell can regain own defense by 20%, enhance the attacking speed by 55% and physical attack by 15%. The spell has the capability to last for 5s.
  • Flicker Spell: It is perfect for Fighter and will be required in Level 19. The spell has the ability to teleport a definite amount of distance in a specific direction. After the teleport, for the next one second, the disabling effects will be decreased by 50%.
  • Purify Spell: This spell is useful for support and will be essential in Level 15. The spell will let you eliminate all negative effects thereby yielding immunity from enemies for 2s. Moreover, it will even enhance the movement speed by over 30%.
  • Interference Spell: It is useful for tank or fighter and is required in Level 11. The spell has the ability to silence defense turrets for about 5s. Moreover, it can even lower their defense ability by 10%.

There are several more types of battle spells that can be used to make Mobile Legends an entertaining game.  If you can’t afford these spells just use the Mobile Legends hack and have fun!


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