Brief Guide On Mobile Legends Gaming Gears

Brief Guide On Mobile Legends Gaming Gears

Mobile Legends is an engrossing online game in which you need to assemble a powerful squad of Heroes and compete with players across the globe. The entire game depends on the Heroes that you select as well as their gear. There are innumerable gears accessible in the game and the gaming developers keep adding new equipment on a regular basis.

It is vital to have complete knowledge on numerous gears so that you can use the right equipment at the right time to win in the battlefield. To make your task easier, listed below are some of the important gears of Mobile Legends game:

  • Demon Hunter Sword: The gear costs 2320 Gold and can enhance 45 physical attack, 10% lifesteal and 30% attack speed. The basic attacks by Demon Hunter Sword will deal 8% of target’s current HP and up to 60 physical damage against monsters.
  • Corrosion Scythe: It costs 1960 Gold and can enhance 1000 HP, 20 armor, and 30 physical attack. By using Corrosion Scythe gear, the target’s speed of attack will reduce by 10% and speed of movement will reduce to 35%.
  • Endless Battle: The gear costs 2470 Gold and can provide Magic Power, 250 HO, and 300 Mana. Moreover, it can enhance 5% speed of movement and 15% lifesteal. By using the Divine Justice ability, your playable character’s next basic attack will have extra 70% physical damage as true damage, with a 2s cooldown.
  • Blade of the 7 Seas: It costs 2320 Gold and can enhance 65 physical attack, 20% attack speed, and 300 HP. By using Fury ability, the basic attack will improve your playable hero’s movement speed by 10%. When the Steamroll ability is used, the basic attack will reduce target 7 physical armor. This effect can be horded up to five times.

Other than the aforesaid gears, there are many more equipments that you will come across in Mobile Legends game, which will make your game all the more engrossing.

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