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Mobile Legends Cheats – Diamonds, Tickets and Battle Points Hack 2018

Mobile Legends is an addictive role-playing game, which can be enjoyed on Android as well as iOS devices. Its user-friendly operating system and clean graphics makes it popular among gamers of all age groups. There are several game modes to play and you can select the one that suits your preferences. Moreover, the innumerable Heroes that have varied skills will keep you hooked to your screens and if it get’s boring or difficult our Mobile Legends Cheats are ready to be used.

Mobile Legends Cheats


If you want to acquire Coins in the game then you need to play innumerable battles. Coins are a vital currency of the game that can be earned by destroying defenses and killing enemies or by using Mobile Legends Cheats. You can make use of Coins to buy shields, weapons, power ups, and many more important items in Mobile Legends game.

Battle Points:

When you win or lose a battle, reach new levels of the game, and complete various quests, you earn Battle Points. It is the main currency of the game. At the start, you will be provided with a fixed amount of Battle Points, so that you can buy your first Hero and begin playing the game. As you keep progressing in the game, the amount of Battle Points that you earn increases. You can earn huge amounts of Battle Points by winning the matches and a small amount by losing the matches. Moreover, the earned currency will increase if you destroy more number of enemies in the battlefield. You can make use of Battle Points for purchasing Heroes, resources, gears, etc. from the game shop or by using Mobile legends Cheats.


Tickets are an important resource of the Mobile Legends game that can be acquired by participating in numerous jigsaw contests. You can make use of Tickets in exchange of several special items from the game store. These items cannot be purchased through any other way in the game. Unless you use Mobile Legends Hack 2018.




If you want to buy premium Heroes, skins, or items, then you will require Diamonds; the special currency of the game. Remember to save some Diamonds for buying Skins as they are very important for upgrading your Heroes.

Diamonds can be earned by winning arena contests, consecutive battles, achievements, etc. You can even buy Diamonds by spending real world money. Another alternative is to make use of Mobile legends Cheats for generating unlimited Diamonds instantly.

Gaming Controls:

The gaming controls of Mobile Legends game are extremely simple and easy. A new gamer can understand the gaming controls within a few minutes. By using two fingers, you will be able to control your Hero and his movements. This feature makes the game one of the most popular games online.

Special Items:

There are several items that can be purchased from the game store. The gears that you buy will let you attain new abilities for your Heroes, enhance their health and make them stronger. There are innumerable gears available in the game, which are broadly classified into Magic gear, Movement gear, Attack gear, Defense gear, and Jungle gear.

  • The Magic gear will provide magical powers to your hero. Magic Wand and Power Crystal are the two important Magic gears that are accessible in the game.
  • With the Movement gear, your Hero will be able to move faster. Special Boosts and Magic Shoes are the examples of Movement gear.
  • The Attack gear will enhance your heroes’ physical capability of hitting the opponents. Legion Sword and Vampire Mallet are some of the examples of Attack gear.
  • The Defense gear will let your Hero withstand lot of damage before dying. Some of its examples are Immortality and Silence Robe.
  • The Jungle gear will boost the skills of your Heroes so that they can kill the monsters in the jungles easily. Beast Killer and Curse Sword are some of the examples of Jungle gear.
  • If you don’t have enough resources to get special items feel free to use Mobile Legends Cheats Bang Bang 2018 !


Listed Below Are Some Effective Strategies That Will Improve Your Mobile Legends Game:

  • Spend your in-game currencies wisely as earning them in the game is not easy. Plan your moves and use them on upgrading all those items that will be useful for you in the game.
  • Watch the tutorial that is provided in the beginning of the game. Through this tutorial, you will be able to understand the basics of the game and gain good control on your gaming character.
  • Make use of the Stun Ability for confusing your opponents. You will get access to this ability after reaching Level 13 in the game. By making use of the Stun Ability, you will be able to stun all those opponents who are in close vicinity to your Hero for one second. Moreover, the ability will reduce their speed and cost them twice the Mana, especially in situations when they make use of their skills.
  • There are innumerable Heroes available in the game. Each of them has distinct strengths and weaknesses. Initially, you should test them and select the finest Heroes for your team.
  • If you are playing the game from an area where the Internet connection is not stable then make sure that you use the Assisted Interface feature of the game. With this feature, you will be able to reconnect to the game whenever there is a crash in your Internet connection.
  • Each time you go for battles, your Heroes have to take a single ability with them. There are several abilities accessible in the game and each of them are created in such a way that they match with particular Heroes. Ensure that you have complete knowledge on each ability, so that you pick the right one for your Hero. This will make your Hero more powerful on the battlefield.
  • Always play the game strategically! You need to plan well before building a team or picking Heroes so that the base of your game is strong.


You will come across eight types of emblems in Mobile Legends game. These are; Physical Emblem, Magic Assassin Emblem, Fighter Emblem, Roamer Emblem, Physical Assassin Emblem, Jungle Emblem, Tank Emblem, and Magic Emblem. Each emblem has unique stats and all of them are extremely important in the game. The benefits obtained by each emblem depend on its level, so it is necessary to upgrade them on a regular basis. To upgrade the emblem, you can either spend in-game currencies or real world money.


Skins of Heroes are important resources of the game as they help in upgrading your Heroes. You can either buy Skins by using real world money or by grinding in the game. If you login to the game each day, beginning from the first day till the seventh day, you will earn a Chest as reward that contains Skin. When you play the game for two weeks at a stretch, you will get a chance to spin the Lucky Wheel, which will let you earn Skins as reward. Play the game continuously for three months and earn Skins or simply try using Mobile legends bang bang hack. By winning in the Global Competition, you can earn Skins as rewards.


Chests are a great way to earn in-game currencies and important resources. To acquire Chests, you need to login to the game consistently as the chest refills after every four hours. Each day you can earn two Chests as rewards. So, by logging to the game every four hours, you can earn Chests. Some of the goodies that you will get in Chests are Hero Tickets, Battle Points, Emblems, Magic Dust, XP, etc. However if you are not a big chests fun just go and try our Mobile Legends Cheats.

You will come across two kinds of Chests in the game; Medal Chests and Free Chests. Among the two, if you can obtain the Medal Chest then you will get many freebies. To obtain the Chest, you need to play several PvP matches and once you win two matches, the Chest can be unlocked.

To conclude, Mobile Legends is an entertaining online game that is really popular. Once you start playing the game, you will not feel like keeping your device down. So, start using our Mobile Legends Cheats and have a wonderful time.


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